Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whats happening with Contribute links in iRectangles?

Ever wonder what is happening after you rate a board in the iReactangles iphone application?
We have been collecting interesting puzzles that are submitted by end users and storing in a database.

We have already around 2000 submissions in 3 different categories. I am still working on creating a web version of the game using jquery, but in the mean time you can see some of the puzzles below.

  6   6 
  2  6  
  2  42 
   8   4
  2   4 
28  2   
  2   4 

2  6    
 8     6
 2  6 2 
  2  6  
 6   2 4
 6   4  
8   2  4

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Features I am planning for next release

Two Features i am planning in the new version:

1. Save the Game State (So you can resume a previous game if you take a phone call)

2. History (So you can see all your acheivements)

Japanese topnotch iphone blog picks up iRectangles

I just noticed that a top notch iphone blog in Japan picked up iRectangles application and did a review on it. If you know japanese you can read it here.


We were also covered in Japanese slashdot.


It feels soo cool to get slashdotted. This encourages me to develop more puzzle based applications.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New generation of SUDOKU

I loved to play sudoku, but I started to get little bored of it. I decided to look for different puzzle that also involves logical thinking and numbers... and there it was SIKAKU (rectangles) by Nikoli. It used to come out in Japanese magazine in early 90s. I got my inspiration from there and decided to create my own game called iRectangles.

I spend a lot of time in subway therefore I decided it will be the best to crate it for iPhone, it's available in App Store since 11/07/08:

Here is a video of it

app store