Saturday, November 8, 2008

New generation of SUDOKU

I loved to play sudoku, but I started to get little bored of it. I decided to look for different puzzle that also involves logical thinking and numbers... and there it was SIKAKU (rectangles) by Nikoli. It used to come out in Japanese magazine in early 90s. I got my inspiration from there and decided to create my own game called iRectangles.

I spend a lot of time in subway therefore I decided it will be the best to crate it for iPhone, it's available in App Store since 11/07/08:

Here is a video of it

app store


  1. Here you go, I finally found an entry in wikipedia for the Shikaku

  2. hey there,

    I really loved your app and thought it should be recognized by more people.

    so I wrote about your app on my webpage.

    I hope this will work for Shikaku.

  3. Thank you bank. I really appreciate it